For some years we have been sponsoring a child through ‘Plan International' and are currently sponsoring a seven year old girl, Christine Nyafwono, from Eastern Pu in Uganda.

 Christine age 7


We have received a big thank you  for our continued support of a schoolgirl in Eastern Uganda.Nine-year-old Christine Nyafwono is our latest sponsored child under the organisation Plan International.Christine attends primary school, where her favourite activities are music and dance. It takes her less than 30 minutes to reach school.Her family now lives in a brick-built house with a metal roof and an earth floor.Christine is a healthy child who has not suffered any serious illness. The nearest health facility is about 30 minutes away from her home.Various activities have taken place in the area where Christine lives, including the provision of medicines and supplies, the training of volunteers on early childhood care and development, vocational training for children who have finished their education and activities to raise awareness on children's rights among children, parents and adults.

Supporter engagement manager Peter McMillan said that the progress that was being made in Christine's home community by Plan International, together with children, local people and organisations, was only possible because of sponsorship.He said: "On behalf of the children, families and communities you are helping, I offer you our heartfelt thanks."

In Eastern Uganda, 35 per cent of people do not have clean water, 50 per cent of people live in poverty and 42 per cent of children drop out of school.